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D Curl .03 Fanning Lashes

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D Curl .03 Fanning Lashes.

Premium and natural looking lashes! Great for hybrid, natural/light- volume/mega lash sets! Make fans that are fluffy yet doesn't weigh the eye down! Super light weight, airy lashes! They peel off the strip easily and SEPARATELY for easy pinching and creating wide fans with thin bases!

Customer Reviews

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Moani Gordon

D Curl .03 Fanning Lashes

Jewel Noa
In love!!! 🤍

Love these lash trays it fans so easy and makes my sets come out so fluffy! Definitely buying more soon!


I bought a few trays from a previous over from here and loved that they are so easy to fan out and fluffy so I bought another tray in a different length but it came cracked?!

Aloha Tee!

I'm so sorry to hear that you received an order with a cracked tray of lashes! I'm not sure what your order number is, if you could email me with that I tried reaching out via the email you left with this review but it says invalid. I would like the chance to replace the lash tray. I am sure that happened during shipping as I would never send you a cracked tray of lashes. Would love if in the future, you reach out to me first before leaving the review. That way we can quickly get your tray/product replaced. i pride myself on delivering my very best to you folks and always want the chance to handle any dissatisfaction as quickly as possible. Please let me know what your name and address is so that I can send a replacement as the review only says “tee”.

The Best lashes

As a beginner I’ve tried several lashes and when I came across these, they are so easy to use! Great quality and your sets come out dark and fluffy :)